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Capacity and information within one single integrated environment. Coordinate your strategy and accompany your contact along all the stages of the Customer Journey.

Orchestrate every single action

Coordinate the perfect Customer Experience.

Your customer is looking for a simple, immediate experience. Meet this expectation by creating a flexible, cross-channel conversation. All the technology you need to create the best Customer Journey.

Simplify and automate the customer experience

Relevance, timing and control.

Let MagNews take care of immediately responding to your users' actions. Thanks to Marketing Automation you will always communicate at the right moment, with dynamic, relevant and multichanneled messages.


Simplify the management of activities.


Map the best journey for each user, step by step, while maintaining an aggregated view of all touchpoints, both online and offline.


Optimize your efforts: reach your users when they are the most receptive through specific, valuable content, across all the available channels.


From the analysis of preferences to personalized messages, creating a strong engagement is the first step toward the perfect Customer Experience.

Success stories

Every project has its own story behind startegy, creativity, technology and realization. We work hard to create unique and effective Customer Journeys. Our results speak for themselves. 

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A collection of the informational materials and projects that we have developed, presented in the form of E-books. The digital library on the world of the Customer Journey

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