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Data drives strategy. Explore the capability of MagNews to take something that is confusing and unclear, and make it simple and, most importantly, attainable. Data collection, analysis and optimization

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The Customer Journey is a path made up of interactions. Each of these interactions is a source of valuable data: who stopped at certain point along the way and who didn't, how the interaction took place, whether it was useful. Understanding this information means really knowing your users and being able to take the best possible action.

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Data is vital

Our Data Science services are designed to provide Business Intelligence information in real time. They are focused on analyzing only the truly meaningful data. We initiate a journey to transform your strategic planning.

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Comprehensive Customer View

Ensure you have all your customer's data, both digital and non-digital A consolidated vision of the Journey and of its key player.

Report & KPI

Keep track of all important information, focusing on what creates value. From strategic to results-based analysis.


A digital board that allows you to always stay connected to your business. Management and control within easy reach.

Success stories

Every project has its own story behind strategy, creativity, technology and realization. We work hard to create unique and effective Customer Journeys. Our results speak for themselves.

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If you're looking for inspiration for you next project, make sure to check out this blog. Here you will find the latest news from the world of Digital Marketing.

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A collection of the informational materials and projects that we have developed, presented in the form of E-books. The digital library on the world of the Customer Journey.

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If you have a clear idea of what you want to do but are not sure which tool is right for you, view the Objective page. Acquisition, Conversion, and Loyalty: choose yours.