Communicate with the right person at the right time. Always.

The key components that lead to successful communication are channel, content and timing. But you don’t need to be the one to choose. Leave this to your user. Let MagNews guide you.

To each user, their own channel

To communicate, you have to know how to listen

With their every action, your users reveal their touchpoint preferences. Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Social Networks, are just a few of them. Choose the most effective channel for you and for your user. Explore the solutions available to you through MagNews.

There is strength in numbers

Can be integrated with your business ecosystem

Are you using a CRM? Do you have an eCommerce site? The MagNews connectors offer maximum flexibility for integrating with the systems you use every day. Thanks to an all-in-one interface, you can optimize marketing actions and increase the value of your performance. Discover the world of our connectors.

Channels and integrations


Analyze, compose and send. MagNews started as an Email Marketing platform, but soon evolved into a hub for building perfect Customer Journeys.


Open Rate of over 90%, within seconds of receiving the messages. With MagNews, you can establish a one-to-one dialogue with your customers.

Push Notification

Engage users and boost the opt-in rate to over 70%. With MagNews, you can send messages through your App, while segmenting and automating the communication flow.

Web Experience

The MagNews solution that integrates your Web channels to turn website visitors into recognized users and then into customers, by personalizing the browsing experience.


Magento Connector and Prestashop Connector are among the integrations already available on the platform. Do you have a different CMS? Let's talk about it.


For a centralized management of sales and marketing campaigns. From Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce, and many more.

And many other connectors

Facebook and Google Connector, WhatsApp, Survey,, Dropbox are only a few of the connectors that have already been integrated with MagNews. Discover them all.

Success stories

Every project has its own story behind strategy, creativity, technology and realization. We work hard to create unique and effective Customer Journeys. Our results speak for themselves.

Learn more about our projects

All our knowledge and expertise to guide you along the way.


If you're looking for inspiration for you next project, make sure to check out this blog. Here you will find the latest news from the world of Digital Marketing.

Let yourself be inspired


A collection of the informational materials and projects that we have developed, presented in the form of E-books. The digital library on the world of the Customer Journey.

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Choose your objective

If you have a clear idea of what you want to do but are not sure which tool is right for you, view the Objective page. Acquisition, Conversion and Loyalty: choose yours.